Our puppies/dogs are sold with a contract to approved homes only.  Pets are sold on spay/neuter agreements.  When inquiring about a dog/puppy from us please tell us about yourself, some examples may be: Where are you located?  What is your family style? (kids, other pets, past pet experience), Why are you interested in a puppy? (pet, competitive musher, recreational musher).  All our puppies are sold with a breeder/buyer contract.

We choose our pups typically from 8-10 weeks and then our waiting list chooses in order.  Our puppies get their first vaccine at 8 weeks and are wormed routinely. Puppies are sold with AKC papers.

2021 Litter Plans

To people on our puppy waiting list from last year, our computer crashed and we lost all contact info.  If you were on that list and are still serious about getting a puppy from us please contact us again.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Due May: Fort Illio's Taos x Kelim's Beretta, SD

Beretta is a fabulous girl.  In harness she is extremely tough in mind and body (very much like her Mother), excellent race leader, great appetite and superb mover.  In a race she is always focused and very driven.  She is very smart and responsive in personality and a real joy to be with.  We have been looking for another top quality leader to breed her too outside our kennel.  We have met Taos and his littermates a few times and really like what we see and what Kasey says about him.  We are also familiar with his pedigree and relatives and think these two will make a lovely breeding.  We prefer working homes for this litter if possible. Email us at kelimsiberians@twc.com if you are interested in this litter.

Fort Illio's Taos Sibersong's Stars Hollow, SDO
Four Winds Tsuga Stump
Samoht's Jack
Kodiak's Frost 2nd
Kodiak's Yakima
Four Winds Wanbli
Kodiak's Nebraska II
Kodiak's Faradela
Maja No Kita, SD
Shizukana-Hito No Kita
Shiroi Kaminari Of Anadyr
Tshabet's Robin
Greenbush Sigrid No Kita
Alaskan's Andy Of Anadyr
Greenbush Ruby
Bray Hill's Velvet Kraken's Lex Kraken's Kermit The Frog Kodiak's Merlin X
Northomes Shelly
Kodiak's Busy at Northome Kodiak's T Moki
Kodiak's Holly 2nd
Tumnatki's Tsuki Tumnatki's Gone Walkabout, SDX Entwood's Pie At Lokiboden
Tumnatki's Gitana Venture, SDX
Tumnatki's Twinkle Little Star Tumnatki's Comet
NorthWapiti's Kit Kat

Kelim's Beretta, SD

Sibersong Super Trouper, SDX
Sibersong's Stars Hollow, SDO
Four Winds Tsuga Stump
Samoht's Jack
Four Winds Wanbli
Maja No Kita, SD
Shizukana-Hito No Kita
Greenbush Sigrid No Kita
Sibersong's Sawtooth Wolf SDX
NorthWapiti's Lincoln of Kelim, SDX, CGC
NorthWapiti's Odin
Chuchinka's San Antonio Rose
Blizzard Run's Sibersong Kadee, SDX
Jedeye's Slammin Sammie of Blizzard Run
Blackwaters Molly of Blizzard Run
NorthWapiti's Wired, SD
Northwapiti's MegaWatt
NorthWapiti's Sir Gallahad
NorthWapiti's Butch Cassidy, SD
NorthWapiti's Ginger Grant
Alaskan's Olena of Anadyr
Alaskan's Meekur of Anadyr
Alaskan's Yakut of Anadyr II
Northwapiti's Sprite
NorthWapiti's Butch Cassidy, SD
Can Ch The Professor of NorthWapiti, SDU, CD
Meomar's Sunshine Coast Orca
Alaskan's Jumper of Anadyr
Alaskan's Solo of Anadyr
Alaskan's Bouncer of Anadyr