Kelim's Bravo


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The largest boy in his litter and so mellow and sweet.   He's a boy who is so happy and easy going.  Love his personality. He is the funniest dog, so adorable and funny.  As a 3 year old he quickly showed us he belongs as the A team leader.   He's very hard working and has a lot of top speed like his Daddy, Dean but has his Mom's desire to push for speed.  Love this boy!  One of our top males for sure!
Birth Date: 8/2/16   Weight: 52 lbs    Height: 23.5"    Eyes Cleared: April 2018   Intact Male

5 puppies born 11/10/20 with Kelim's Falcon, SD
litter born 2020 with Kennedy's Pirate King
2 puppies born 4/1/19 with Kelim's Falcon, SD

Races Completed:

2020 Brownville KI 20 (Lead)  - Farmington 8 Dog Sprint (16 miles) (Lead)
2019 Clay Hinds Memorial 16 (Lead) - Farmington Sprint (Lead)
2018 Karen Jones Memorial 13


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