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2022/2023 Season Race Plans 


2022/2023 Season

 TBA, January - Jefferson NH, Pond Of Safety 10
 January 28/29 - Lamoille Valley Rail Trail, VT - 6 and 4 dog sprint or 20 miler
 February 10/11/12 - Laconia World Championship, NH - 6 dog sprint
 TBA, February - Maine State Championship, ME - 4 & 6 dog sprint
More to come!


INTRODUCING THE TEAM OF 2022/2023 (16 dogs)
The Main Leaders - These dogs are the main force at the front of our teams.
Kelim's Roulette, SDX  - 10 years old, 43 lbs

Roulette is just adorable!  She loves people and her licker is always going.  Sweet, gentle and just a joy to have.  She has been a main race leader for years. She doesn't quite have the top speed of Lottie but she is super as far as pushing to keep the speed up and she loves to lope up hills to keep the team moving.  A trait that is hard to get and one we love.  In the yard she loves our attention and loves wrestling and running around with all the other dogs.  She's a clown for sure, totally adore her!


Kelim's Falcon, SD - 8 years old, 47 lbs

Fastest eating dog we have ever seen.  She is very driven and focused in harness, very much like her Mom (and Dad).  Super leader, just an all around awesome girl.  Great with other dogs and people.  We call her our little coyote!  


Kelim's Buick Electra, SD - 8 years old, 42 lbs

Electra is the most quiet, gentle dog we have ever met. She is also very wimpy with other dogs. She reminds me a lot of her Mom, Smarty but I also see her Daddy, Tristan in her, especially her wooo.  She is all business in harness.  She is a striking looking girl being jet black & white with two split parti-eyes which gives her a tough or sad look, but that is just her markings.  She is an AMAZING leader.  She learned all her turns her yearling year and is a command gee/haw leader.  She is very impressive in harness and trustworthy.  Her silly nickname is Lecky-Lou.


Kelim's Beretta, SD -  8 years, 43 lbs

Beretta is a cool looking dog.  She reminds us SO much of her Daddy, Trouper.  Never seen a dog who resembles one parent so much.  She jumps around just like him except she makes more noise.  In harness she hates to stop moving. Good endurance and always focused in the team.  She is a very fast trotter and a very driven girl.  She is a excellent race leader and lead the A team in every race in 2018.  Her silly nickname is Beretta Bird (after the funny noises she makes)


Kelim's Eleanor - 5 years, 35 lbs

Ellie is a very sweet, easy going girl who drives very hard in harness and loves to lope.  She actually reminds us very much of Lottie.  She is already a main leader and we are sure she will make our top 12.


Kelim's Bravo - 6 years, 50 lbs

Athletic and sweet.  He has the cutest face! Reminds me a lot of his Daddy, Dean.  A very nice steady boy in harness, likes speed, hard worker.  All around nice dog.  He really stepped up to be a main leader last year.  Super boy!  His silly nickname is Bravado.



Kennedy's Norse Saga of Kelim - 4 years, 42 lbs

Saga is a very good dog, stunningly beautiful, a good leader already and a real joy to live with.  We expect big things in her future!


Kelim's Ready Aim Fire! - 4 years, 45 lbs

Volley is the perfect blend of both her parents but a little more like her Mom.  She is extremely driven and pushes for speed.  The most like Lottie of all her daughters.  Love this girl!


Kelim's Wonder Blunder - 4 years, 42 lbs

Blunder is a perfect blend of her parents.  She looks a lot like her Daddy, Dean and runs a lot like her Mom, Lottie.  She is a fast, focused leader who loves to push for speed.  A main leader, like her sister Volley.


Backup Leaders/Leaders In Training - These dogs often leaders in training, but still main front end team dogs.
Kelim's Dover Castle - 6 years, 46 lbs

Dover is a sweet boy, probably the calmest in his litter.  He is very mellow like his Daddy, Dean.  In harness he is the super star of his litter.  He has AMAZING drive, constantly working hard and pushing for speed.  Reminds me the most of Lottie in drive of any other Lottie offspring.  Love this boy!


Kelim's Royal Fortune - 6 years, 46 lbs

Roy is insanely driven, loves to lope and push for as much speed as he can.  Doing good in lead.  Very hard worker.  All around lovely fellow.  His silly nickname is Roy Boy.


Kelim's Siggy - 3 years, 37 lbs

Siggy is small but mighty.  Always in motion, always has energy.  Great loper and trotter.  Smart but also stubborn.  She can be nosey with other pets on the trail so for now is still in team but we hope she will mature into a great leader like her parents. Great mover with tough feet.


Kelim's Freydis - 2 years, 42 lbs

Freydis is a very mellow, sweet dog who prefers people over dogs.  In harness she is very focused, we hope another great leader like her grandparents.

Team Dogs/Wheel Dogs - these dogs often run anywhere but lead
Kelim's Scooby Doo, SDX - 9 years old, 53 lbs

Scooby looks a lot like his Dad but has his Mom's desire to push for more speed.  A real blend of his parents.  Superb team dog, always on the A team, usually in wheel.  Awesome eater.  Super sweet with everyone and very outgoing and friendly. His silly nickname is Scuba.


Kelim's Black Sails - 4 years, 45 lbs

Pirate is a very handsome, striking, jet-black dog.  He loves everything and everyone and is super sweet and fun!  In harness he works very hard and is focused.  A solid team dog and a favorite of many.


Yearlings - First season in harness, the new kids on the team. It's all about fun and experience. We often try all these guys in lead and rework the ones in lead with the most potential.  These dogs are offspring of some of the best dogs in our yard.
Kelim's  Sombra

Sombra is a very loving, active girl.  Strong willed and intelligent.  We expect she will be a great leader like both her parents.




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