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About Us

Kim & Kelly Berg - Kelim Siberians

Kelim Siberians started in 1998 and is owned and operated by Kim & Kelly (kennel name is our names together). We have been working around dogs since we were 12 years old, first volunteering for the local Humane Society followed by volunteering for a local sleddog kennel.  Both of us have worked for veterinarians and as pet groomers (past and currently).

Life With Our Dogs: We love living life with our dogs as a happy well-rounded pack and enjoy spending time in the outdoors with our dogs training them and letting them do what they love doing most in life - running as a team!! We pride ourselves on caring for our dogs in every aspect of their life the best way know how. Activities we enjoy with our dogs are competitive racing, obedience work, some showing/show training and just spending time with our pack. Our dogs are our passion in life and we don't know what we would do without them. 

Sledding Goals: Our goal in racing is to prove that the Siberian can be very competitive in races today.  Races we enter primarily consist of sprints to 30 miles (sprint & mid-distance in New England). Our goal in racing is to finish as high as possible in every race. We generally run two 10 dog teams on the ATVs, and 6 to 8 dogs once we get on sleds. We are striving to have one of the top Siberian Husky teams racing in our area, proving that Siberians can compete against teams of all breeds.  We love training and just being on the trail with the dogs just as much as racing them.  There is just something amazing about being in the wilderness with them, watching them do what they love and creating that strong bond with our dogs and team.  We believe that the more time and effort you put in your dogs the more they will give you in return. Years ago we started helping a friend with tours and find it to be very rewarding sharing our passion and love for this hobby and the dogs with others.  We did the tours for 8 years. It was a great experience and we made many wonderful memories.

What We Breed For: Health - Performance - Breed Standard/Type - Temperament
While we try and breed dogs for excellent performance on the trail in many ways we also believe in breed type. We used to show quite a bit but recently have been focused much more on sledding/racing. To us when you see a team at a race you should know right away if it's a Siberian or an Alaskan team, there shouldn't be any 'guessing.'  We want 'pretty' dogs as well as competitive sleddogs.  Breeding for good health is a must, because without good health not much else matters.  Temperament is important to us too, we like to have dogs that are easy to live with and a joy to be around.

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