Past Dogs - In Loving Memory, Always In Our Hearts
(These dogs are wonderful huskies who ran on our teams and helped contribute genetically to our kennel today)

In Loving Memory - Always In Our Hearts

Kelim's Morgana, SDX
7/8/10 - 12/7/20

SIRE: NorthWapiti's Paxson, SDX, CGC
DAM: NorthWapiti's Wired of Kelim, SD
DOB: 7/8/10 (10 yrs)
Leader/Team Dog


NorthWapiti's Paxson, SDX, CGC
3/12/05 - 3/11/19

SIRE: NorthWapiti's Robert E Lee
DAM: Alaskan's Olena of Anadyr

Main Leader, Super Foundation Dog



Kelim's Super Dodge, S.D.
Kelim's Super Dodge, SDX, CGC
7/2/02 - 8/6/18

SIRE: NorthWapiti's Super Grover
DAM: Tsuga's Hollywood of Kelim, SD

Great Leader


Kelim-Tsuga's Quest, SDX, CGC
5/8/04  - 10/6/15

SIRE: NorthWapiti's Lincoln At Kelim, SDX, CGC
DAM: Kelim's Sugar Maple of Tsuga

Leader, Team Dog after going blind from SARD
Raced & ran until 10 years of age, super special dog



Tsuga's HollyWood of Kelim, S.D.
Tsuga's HollyWood of Kelim, SD
11/27/98 - 12/6/13

SIRE: Alkasiber's Wyatt Riot
DAM: Alkasiber's Yellow Birch

Retired Team Dog, 1st Husky



NorthWapiti's Lincoln of Kelim, S.D.
NorthWapiti's Lincoln of Kelim, SDX, CGC
3/13/02 - 11/17/12

SIRE: NorthWapiti's Odin
DAM: Chuchinka's San Antonio Rose

Retired Team Dog/Leader



NorthWapiti's Skor
NorthWapiti's Skor, SDX
6/6/01 - 8/24/10

SIRE: NorthWapiti's Super Grover
DAM: Northome's Visa

Once in a lifetime leader