Kelim's Swift, SD, CGC

"Swift" - Leader/Team Dog

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The best word that describes Swift is DRIVEN.  She was a very impressive yearling who was a responsible leader as young as 11 months.  She's very trail driven and only sees one direction - ahead! She is one of the most focused dogs we have ever met, she lives for running. She is a nice mover with good build.  She is probably the most annoying dog at hookup as she screams from the moment you take her out of her dog box until you hook up.  She looks very much like her father Skor.  In the 2011 race season she had a scary hip tendon/ligament injury but has healed up well. Although not one of our fastest dogs anymore she is still a great leader and has passed on her great mindset to her kids!
Birthdate: 11/8/06 Height: 22 1/4" Weight: 45 lbs   Eyes Cleared: March 2009   Intact Female

Whelped 3 Litters:
2 puppies born 7/11/12 with Jedeye Doc of Manitou
6 puppies born 5/25/11 with NorthWapiti's Paxson, SDX, CGC
7 puppies born 8/1/08 with NorthWapiti's Lincoln At Kelim, SDX, CGC


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