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Kennedy's Norse Saga of Kelim


(Click for larger image)

Saga is a stunning dog in many ways.  Gorgeous type, structure, movement, and a super easy dog to live with.  She really impressed us in harness her first year. She is very focused, driven, fast and loves to push for speed.  She has excellent feet and is already a very good leader.  We expect her to be a main leader for years to come.  In 2023 she missed races due to being pregnant with a large litter of  ELEVEN pups with Dover.

A few years ago we were looking for a outcross female pup for a while and for one reason or another the pup wasn't a right fit or wasn't quite what we were looking for.  When we saw this girl  in 2018 we asked Rachel about her and we got lucky she was available to us.  Her pedigree is a lot of our older lines which we are excited about.  We raced many dogs in her pedigree including Swift, Lincoln, Odie, Skor & Holly (our first Siberian!) and got to see many more of them run in harness. Her sire, Cherokee is a very nice blend of our Swift and Alexander's Mannie & Valeska, two very talented dogs and excellent producers.  Her dam, Arrow, is a very smart Siberian and great at obedience and is doubled on one of our favorite NorthWapiti dogs, NorthWapiti's Odin.  Thank you Rachel for this lovely addition!

Birthdate: 5/12/18  Weight: 44 lbs Height: 22" Eyes Cleared: May 2021   Intact Female SHPS1 (Clear), SHPN1 (Clear), DM (Clear)

Whelped 2 litters -
7 puppy with 7/20 with October's Angus
11 puppies born 3/23 with Kennedy's Norse Saga of Kelim (Skol, Finan, Skade)

Races Completed:

2024  Frost Mtn Sprint (12 miles, Lead)
2022 Jefferson (10 miles)
2020 Brownville KI 20 - Farmington 8 Dog Sprint (16 miles)


Kiana's Indian Outlaw, GCG, RATN, SDX

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