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Kelim's Buick Electra, SD

"Electra" - Main Leader

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Electra is the most kind, sensitive, gentle dog you could ever meet.   All business, always focused and working hard and an incredible leader.  Very hard driving, fast and just amazing.  She really is the perfect blend of her great leader parents.  She is so calm and sedate but a force in harness.  A top leader on our A team.  She is a real joy in every way.
Birthdate: 6/18/14 Height: 21" Weight: 43 lbs   Eyes Cleared: May 2015   Spayed Female SHPS1 (Carrier), SHPN1 (Clear)

Whelped 1 litter:
5 puppies born 7/20/17 with Jedeye Dean Winchester of Kelim

Races Completed:

2024  Frost Mtn Sprint (12 miles - Lead)
2023  Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (22 Miles - Lead)
2022 Jefferson (10 miles - Lead)
2020 Brownville KI 20 (Lead)  - Farmington 8 Dog Sprint (16 miles) (Lead)
2019 Clay Hinds Memorial 16 (Lead, winning team) - Farmington Sprint (Lead)
2017 Brownville KI & Beyond 20 (Lead) - Brownville 20 (Lead) -  - GNW 13 (Lead) - Karen Jones Memorial 13 (Lead)
2016 Brownville 20 - KI & Beyond 20


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