Kelim's Omaha, SD

"Omaha" - Leader

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Omaha is a big girl, she is beautiful in type, build and personality. She is the perfect blend of both her parents. In harness she is all business and a hard worker and already a very nice leader!  She may not be quite as fast as her sister Smarty but she is a very solid leader and always gives 100%.  Just overall a really solid working dog.
Birthdate: 5/25/11 Height: 22 3/4" Weight: 45 lbs   Eyes Cleared: April 2013   Spayed Female

Whelped 2 Litters:
7 puppies born 5/31/15 with Kiana's Heat Lightning
5 puppies born 7/23/13 with NorthWapiti's Paxson, SDX, CGC (Beretta, Benelli, Winchester, Gatling, Colt)

Races Completed:

2016 Brownville 20
2015 Karen Jones Memorial 12 -  KI & Beyond 20 -  Sandwich 20  -  Jericho 20 - Wonalancet 15/15
2014 Colebrook 20 -  Sandwich 20 -  Hill Fun Run 12 - Jericho 20/20
2013 Hill Fun Run 12 (Lead) - NESDC Hill 4 Dog/4 Miles (2 Day Race)


NorthWapiti's Paxson, SDX, CGC

NorthWapiti's Robert E. Lee
(2 time Iditarod team member)
NorthWapiti's Butch Cassidy, SD
(2 time Iditarod team member, 2001 finisher)
Can Ch The Professor of NorthWapiti, SDU, CD
BIS/BISS Can. Ch. Chuchinka's Shawn Boy
Meomar's Miss Liberty
Meomar's Sunshine Coast Orca
Meomar's Ojibawa
Meomar's Guildenstern
NorthWapiti's Ginger Grant
BIS/BISS Can. Ch. Chuchinka's Shawn Boy
BIS/BISS Can. Ch. Shisaido's Satinkist Swordsman, CD
Chelyuskin's Mila, SD
Meomar's Miss Liberty
Northomes Sayak of Spindrift
Meomar's Quick Lynx
Alaskan's Olena of Anadyr
(4 time Iditarod team member)

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Kelim's Swift, SDX, CGC

NorthWapiti's Skor, SDX NorthWapiti's Super Grover Meomar's Blunder
Meomar's Independence
Meomar's Cat Ballou
NorthWapiti's Ginger Grant
BIS/BISS Can. Ch. Chuchinka's Shawn Boy
Meomar's Miss Liberty
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