The following agreement has been made between the breeders and buyer(s) on ______________________(Date):
Breeder: Kim & Kelly Berg
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Terms of agreement:

  1. Buyer agrees to daily provide fresh food, water, attention, a clean living environment and veterinary care as needed. Buyer agrees to keep dog leashed or in a secure fenced in area.  Dog is not allowed to roam free at will.

  2. Pets will be sold with a limited AKC registration (not for breeding).

  3. If Buyer’s move to a different location the Breeder’s must be notified of Buyer’s new address and telephone number.

  4. Genetic Illness & Disease: If dog is diagnosed with a inherited genetic disease or illness after purchase, the Breeder is to be notified. Vet records signed by Buyer's veterinarian must be sent to Breeder. If dog comes up with genetic disease/illness   the dog may be replaced by another dog of as much equal quality as possible, through next available puppy/adult. The previous dog may be returned to breeder if Buyer seeks replacement puppy/dog. If Buyer wishes to keep previous affected dog and receive a new dog, Breeder will try and work out a deal that is as fair as possible.  Breeder is not responsible for compensating Buyer for medical expenses. To the Breeders knowledge, this puppy is in excellent health upon leaving/time of sale.

  5. If at any time the buyer cannot care for the dog, no longer wants, or has to place the dog, the breeders must be notified. The breeder has first option of taking the dog back.  The Breeder makes the decision whether or not Buyer is refunded money based on the Buyer's circumstances for sending back or re-homing the above dog.  The refund price will never exceed the original price of the dog.

  6. Breeder guarantees eyes have been cleared of genetic disease on both Sire & Dam unless otherwise noted.  Copies will be given to new owner upon request.

  7. Buyer agrees that the kennel name “Kelim” will precede the Buyer’s chosen name and will be recorded on the AKC Registration Certificate.

Health Records:
Other conditions of sale: None
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