Kelim's Drogon


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Drogon is from our Game Of Thrones litter theme.  We kept two puppies, a female named Daenerys (Dany) and a male named Drogon.  In Game of Thrones, Drogon is the favorite dragon child of Daenerys and is her battle mount.  Drogon overall is a calm and mellow pup.  He is thoughtful and smart. 

We leased his Mom, Leavings, and bred her to a very proven race dog in Ringo.  We also met Ringo and loved his personality and temperament.  Ringo has raced many races including the Beargrease Marathon, UP 200, Can-Am Crown 250 and more and is also a good leader.  Leavings caught my eye via facebook.  I loved her type, structure and pedigree.  Lucky for us she came to NH to one of our best friends teams and we got to lease her for this litter with Ringo.  She is very friendly with us and easy going.  In harness she is very focused and hard working.  We are sure with these two parents that Drogon & Daenerys will be stars and important contributors to our future generations.  Thanks to all who made this Game Of Thrones litter possible for us!

Birth Date: 8/11/19  Weight: puppy Height: puppy Eyes Cleared: Too Young   Intact Male


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